Intervju sa Simonom Žikić

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simona i stefan

Razgovarajući sa pomoćnicom dekanke za odnose sa javnošću Simonom Žikić, saznali smo više o postojećim master programima Fakulteta za medije i komunikacije, a otkrili smo i koje prednosti i pogodnosti vas očekuju ukoliko upišete poslediplomske studije na ovom fakultetu.

Intervju sa Jon Stewartom

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Jon Stewart on 'Rosewater,' Springsteen and 'Sexual Tension' With Bill O'Reilly

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The 'Daily Show' host on directing his first film, Colbert and the right-wing TV machine

By Andy Greene | November 11, 2014

Jon Stewart has a week off from The Daily Show, but as he walks into a tiny conference room at the show's midtown Manhattan headquarters late on a Monday afternoon, it's clear he's completely exhausted. He slumps in a chair and admits he's spent the entire day doing press for his new movie,Rosewater, and is beginning to grow hoarse. But he's determined to promote his passion project, and soon enough he perks up. Writing and directing Rosewater is unlike anything Stewart has attempted in his career. It's the true story of Maziar Bahari, an Iranian Newsweek reporter, who was interviewed by Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones in 2009. During the show, Bahari joked around that he was a spy; the Iranian government didn't see the humor and believed Bahari was working for the CIA. He was detained and tortured for 118 days by the police in Iran.

After he was freed, Bahari came to New York and struck up a friendship with Stewart. "He told me he was going to write a book and then turn it into a movie," says Stewart. "He asked if I'd be interested in helping. Having never done that before, I said, 'Of course!'"

Intervju sa Bob Dylanom

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Bob Dylan on Sacrifice, the Unconscious Mind, and How to Cultivate the Perfect Environment for Creative Work

by Maria Popova

"People have a hard time accepting anything that overwhelms them."

Van Morrison once characterized Bob Dylan (b. May 24, 1941) as the greatest living poet. And since poetry, per Muriel Rukeyser's beautiful definition, is an art that relies on the "moving relation between individual consciousness and the world," to glimpse Dylan's poetic prowess is to grasp at once his singular consciousness and our broader experience of the world. That's precisely what shines through in Paul Zollo's 1991 interview with Dylan, found in Songwriters On Songwriting (public library) — that excellent and extensive treasure trove that gave us Pete Seeger on originality and also features conversations with such celebrated musicians as Suzanne Vega, Leonard Cohen, k.d. lang, David Byrne, Carole King, and Neil Young, whose insights on songwriting extend to the broader realm of creative work in a multitude of disciplines.